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Claire has almost always loved videos, but like many girls with Rett Syndrome, she only likes the videos she knows. That means introducing a new video to her a few minutes at a time, when she is in a receptive mood. When she was two and younger, she preferred videos with stories, such as Disney movies and Winnie the Pooh videos. Then, she lost interest in videos until she was four, and has since shown more interest in the musical videos.

Claire got a Big Mack switch when she was six, on which her sister recorded, "I want to watch a video!" Since then, she has made it clear when she wants to watch a video (which is most of the time!) and when she wants the current video changed because she doesn't like it or is bored with it. She will press the switch over and over until her demands are met! Because of this, I can confidently list her favorite videos:

  • All Kidsongs videos
  • All Barney videos
  • All Richard Scarry videos
  • Most Disney Singalong Songs videos
Claire also loves car races, and basketball and football games on television. Our theory is that she loves them because they are familiar sights and sounds to her, because her daddy watches them. She has no tolerance for commercials, though!

One suggestion: if your TV supports closed captioning, turn it on. We've noticed that Claire watches the words on the screen with interest, and it may be helping her learn.

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