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We love to play "Go Away/Come Back" with Claire, a little game we started when Claire was tiny and was only able to crawl. During her regression and subsequent years, we stopped playing this, but we started again when she was six. She gives a hug, then I say "Go away! Go away!" Claire giggles and steps backwards a few feet, then I say "Come back! Come back!" and she runs back to me. The anticipation of waiting for me to say "Come back!" can be a little overwhelming and she wrings her hands and shakes a little, but she smiles the whole time. Sometimes Claire initiates the game after getting a hug, and then backs up, letting me know she wants to play.

"Stanky Feet" also started when Claire was tiny, and went on hiatus for many years. When putting on Claire's socks, I lift her foot up, sniff it dramatically, and exclaim "Stanky!" She loves it, and will occasionally lift up her other foot for inspection.

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