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Claire breastfed for seven weeks, then drank from a Playtex-style bottle until she was three years old. For four years, she drank from 11 ounce Tupperware cups (larger than the standard kiddie tumbler) with the standard sipper lids. We drilled a hole in the center of the sipper lids, so the liquid would come out of the spout easier. The lid prevented some spills when the cup was dropped (which was often!), but if it landed with the spout down, the liquid would pour out. Since she was 8, Claire has been drinking from the 16 ounce Sippin' Saver cups with the built-in straw, and that has reduced the spills. They have been discontinued, so we've had to purchase 32 ounce Sippin' Sport bottles to replace the 16 ounce bottles.

Claire drank high-calorie formula when she was a baby, then Pediasure as a child, eventually graduating to Carnation Instant Breakfast. We purchased it in bulk directly from Nestle. Once she hit puberty and started to eat well, we changed to Crystal Light.

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