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Claire loved to play with bubbles when she was younger. Claire liked to chase the bubbles in the wind outdoors, or wave her hands through the bubbles indoors.

Although she's not a big fan of going out in public, the zoo has been one of Claire's favorite places. She especially loved the dolphin show. Even though Claire can walk, we always take her MacLaren buggy so she doesn't get tired, and so we can hang the drink and diaper bags from the handles.

When she was younger, ball pits could keep Claire entertained for hours. Whether it was in a McDonald's Playland or at Discovery Zone, she was delighted to be there.

Claire loves to be in water. She uses special swim diapers in the pool. When she's in shallow pools with rough surfaces, she wears water shoes, otherwise she scrapes the tops of her feet as she kneels her way across the bottom of the pool. When she was younger, she used a thermal swim vest to keep warm. She also had a swimsuit with flotation sewn right into the suit. She no longer needs a swim vest now that she has some weight on her.

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